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2019-201X 大学英语道歉信-word 范文 本文部分内容来自网络整理所得,本司不为其真实性负责,如有异议或侵权请及时联系,本司将立即予以删除! == 本文为 word 格式,下载后可方便编辑修改文字! == 201X 大学英语道歉信 道歉信 letterofapology 我们在工作或生活中,有时难免会犯一些错误, 写封道歉信就显得很有必要。

以下是 201X 大学英语道歉信,欢迎阅读。

201X 大学英语道歉信 1 Dear Sarah, I am terribly sorry to tell you that I am unable to attend your birthday part next Thursday evening. That is owing to the fact that my younger brother suddenly fell ill and was taken to a hospital this morning. I have to go there immediately and take care of him. As told by the doctor in charge, it will take around five days for him to recover and I have asked my boss for a leave. I really regret that I cannot go to celebrate your birthday personally and would miss the perfect chance of enjoying myself with all our old friends. I have chosen a small gift for you and will send it to you tomorrow to show my best wishes. Besides, please give my regards to our friends when you meet them at the party. Cordially, Li Ming xx 20xx 年 x 月 x 日

2019-201X 大学英语道歉信-word 范文 201X 大学英语道歉信 2 Dear Charlie, Kindly excuse me for my not being able to see you off at the airport this Saturday as I have promised. A major business partner of our company will be attending an important conference in Xiamen this weekend, and my boss finally chooses me to accompany him there to negotiate about a new transaction. I have just been informed of this plan and am happy about the decisionthis is an opportunity to both display and enhance my abilities, so I am afraid I cannot be present at the airport. Pursuing study overseas is an essential step in the accomplishment of your dream. How I wish I could have the chance to share with you my personal feelings and suggestions before you are away! I hereby send you a gift to wish you good luck. Please forgive me. Cordially, Li Ming xx 20xx 年 x 月 x 日 201X 大学英语道歉信 3 Dear John, I am eagerly looking forward to your visit to our city. After all these years of writing to each other, I can not wait to see you. However, I regret to inform you that I will not be able to meet you at the airport on time.

2019-201X 大学英语道歉信-word 范文 The reason is that your flight will arrive early in the morning, and the earliest I can reach the airport will be about an hour after you land. Will you please wait for me in the arrival lounge? You can have breakfast while you wait. By the way, as we have never met I must tell you home to identify me: I am of 165cm tall and have a long hair. In addition, I will wear a white skirt and carry a China Daily at hand. Hope we can meet soon. Sincerely yours, xx 20xx 年 x 月 x 日

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